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Make more by losing less - Learn exactly how to FILTER OUT those losing positions BEFORE you risk your capital
Outperform the markets with very low risk - A Low-Risk method, with High Probability of Winning on Every Trade
Predict future price with 80-90% Accuracy - 11 year track record in all markets, conditions: Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options, Crypto

"A Career Trader and the author for McGraw Hill Abandoned His 15 Years Strategies for Demand Imbalance Arbitrage ™...

"Roger's unique Market Forecasting Methodology (Demand Imbalance Arbitrage™) was such a game-changer for me...

I tested it for myself and produced a 50%+ return, with substantially less risk and volatility and consistently higher win-rates than anything I've ever seen before...

I ABANDONED the setups and strategies which had served me well for 15 years to fully commit to trading with Roger's Methodology in order to increase my trade accuracy, risk control and radically smooth out my equity curve by guarding my capital against what once were hidden market vulnerabilities..."

-Bo Yoder, MBA (Now in Partnership with Roger Khoury)

Bo is a professional career trader, author for McGraw Hill (with his work translated into German and Japanese), and consultant to the financial industry on matters of market analysis, trading and risk management..

Beat the Market

Innovative Method to Consistently Beat the Markets

Demand Imbalance Arbitrage™ is the only method GUARANTEED to consistently identify and take advantage of frequent, very low risk pockets of imbalance between demand and price . . .
and profit from them 80-90% of the time.

Win More by Losing Less

Make MORE By Losing LESS

What if you had a way back then to FILTER OUT 80%-90% of those losing positions BEFORE you risked your capital?
So, instead of giving back significant capital to the market, you got to KEEP it, avoiding the negative impact to your account.
Hidden Profit

Discover the hidden profits in Every Financial Market

This unique method is not taught anywhere else.
And it’s the only method guaranteed to work with equal reliability in all markets and time-frames: Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options, Crypto.

lagging indicator example

Stop Relying on LAGGING Indicators!

Most traders focus on PRICE or other LAGGING indicators.
The problem with LAGGING indicators that are all BASED ON THE LIMITS OF PAST DATA.
Pay attention instead to market DEMAND. . .
Because DEMAND is the true LEADING indicator as Price ALWAYS follows demand

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